Sunday Walk-in

William had a slight rash on Tuesday, but we didn’t take much notice. Sometimes he gets these things and by that evening it seemed to have settled down; but boy was I wrong!

I lifted up his top today and was greeted with, what can only be described as, a stinging nettle rash across his stomach and left arm. They seemed to be fairly localised around the areas of his Cannula and Dexcom.

He’s been using his Dexcom for about 40 days now – so pretty sure it’s not a reaction to that adhesive but to something else. The only thing we can think of, and the nurse agreed, was a reaction from the Zoff adhesive remover.

Zoff Adhesive Remover Wipes

Taking a look at the ingredients I can see why:
Dipropylene Glycol.
Methyl Ether.
Aloe Extract.
Benzyl Alcohol.

I think we didn’t see this reaction initially was down to us using them in the bath – so any leftover residue was quickly washed away. Any other removals were done in the living room of an evening with a quick wipe down afterwards.

From today, we’ve been prescribed a new remove called ‘Appeel’, which does not contain any alcohol as it’s fully silicone-based. This is much kinder as alcohols tend to be harsh and dry out the skin.

We are going to try this and maybe just stick to using this new remover in the bath/shower – fingers crossed this will stop these bad reactions.

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