JDRF DIY Statement

JDRF UK have recently announced their position on DIY technologies, which are on the rise among the open diabetic community

The Type 1 diabetes charity says it acknowledges the rights of the diabetes community to use such tech systems, but it does not endorse these models.

Loop Hardware
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In its DIY Diabetes Technology Statement, JDRF UK said: “JDRF UK cannot endorse the use of DIY tech systems as these products are not regulated and the use of them may carry risks. The organisation, however, respects the rights of people with type 1 diabetes to choose treatments that best fit their needs and how they manage the condition, including the use of DIY technology.”

DIY homemade artificial pancreases have been created by tech enthusiasts for the past several years with a wider adoption as the hardware/software to do this becomes more widely available. The DIY solution utilises commercial available insulin pumps and CGMs using a third party device/phone to intergrade the two.

The use of these methods has allowed people to enhance their diabetes management and it’s estimated that there are over 100 people using this type of technology.

DIY Closed Loop Software

As yet there have been no official clinical studies of these DIY systems but JDRF states “There have been peer-reviewed presentations and publications on the results of DIY systems that have shown clinical benefit.”

These systems have led to improved HbA1c levels and reduced the time spent where blood sugars are out of range.

In 2017, JDRF announced its commitment to aid open-protocol artificial pancreas systems through the awarding of grants to support certain projects.

Important: DIY systems should and have only been used by people who have a stronger understanding of diabetes and IT. It’s not recommended to make any changes to your insulin pump or CGM as this could cause risk to your own health of those you are caring for.

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