Nighttime Lows

So, from the severe hypos of last week to the constant borderline night-time lows of this week; oh, how nice it would be just to have a simple week without any hospital visits, worries or issues.

I suppose it all adds to the “fun” and no day is ever the same, and even if it is – you start to worry that something is wrong when everything is so right!

Decom App Showing Low Alert
Dexcom App
Hypo Alert

We had a perfect night on Friday due to setting his TBR to 0% for several hours following getting fed up of him hovering on the boundary and the million Dexcom alarms that come with it. YES – I understand he is 3.5 and he is technically “hypo” but he has done this before and stayed there for a good hour. Those Dexcom users amongst us will understand how loud and annoying the alarms can be…and yes, I know they’re that way for a good reason.

Anyway, I digress, this 0% TBR seemed to do the trick very well and kept him at a perfect target range from 11 PM all the way through to breakfast. As you do with anything that works I thought I would try this again the following night…

Fail! By 11PM he was high! He’d gone up to 11+mmol/L (180+mg/DL) so disabling the TBR was out of the question and, instead, I had to give him a correction to bring him down. This did work and, again, he stayed in range for the duration of the night.

Since Thursday, Will’s bloods have been pretty amazing, which, I think, may be down to using AAPS a little more in an open-loop and manually adjusting Basal and TBR’s when prompted. Only time will tell if this is working as expected.

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