Pump Failure!

5 weeks in – and we encountered our first pump failure.

In typical fashion, it happened at the most inconvenient time – just as I parked up at work after dropping him off at pre-school. I then had to drive all the way back to pre-school in rush hour traffic to find this:

Insight Pump M24 Error Code

Google to the rescue! Once I’d double checked what needed to be done with the pump failure, I had to undertake a full set change. At pre-school. Surrounded by curious toddlers. Brilliant. His last set change had been less than 12 hours ago!

We’re incredibly lucky that pre-school are willing to keep spares of everything, including insulin, in their fridge.

So set-change completed under the watchful eye of about 20 toddlers – we have never hidden anything from the children at pre-school and the staff, and I, encourage them to be involved and ask questions. It’s all about raising awareness and curious minds etc.

I think this helps William, too, as he doesn’t feel isolated or excluded, and he gets to show off to his friends. At this young age, we feel that it’s important that he doesn’t grow feeling different – even though he is.

Fingers crossed this set change will last more than 12 hours and we encounter no more pump failures.

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